Here you can find translations from my previous sub-sites in PDF which have now been taken down.

Thank you for visiting and for all the e-mails you have sent me during this time. It has been fun but it is time I removed the grey area content and used this space for other priorities.

Please do not link directly to these files from any where else. There is anti-hotlinking code in place so if you would like to read these translations in your own time, I recommend right-clicking and saving a copy.

Otherwise you will have to view the files directly via this page every time you want to read.

There also appears to be problems when viewing this site using Opera's proxy service so if you have problems viewing the files using Opera Mobile (with Turbo on) or are using Opera Mini, try using your smartphone's native browser instead. Their proxy server must be have a very long gap between cache updates...

FFVII On The Way to a Smile

5 Centimetres per Second


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